Why Is Double Glazing So Important In Winter?

Why Is Double Glazing So Important In Winter?

Everyone knows that double glazing keeps a house warmer in winter and cooler in summer. But how? And more importantly, what does the capacity of this window style mean for you? Most new builds are now fitted with double glazing as standard and here at Alcon Windows, we recommend all existing properties upgrade their glass panes too. Double glazing is stronger, more durable and far more energy efficient. Ideal for offices seeking to save money as well as residential properties, double glazing is the best choice for you.

The Science Behind Double Glazing
Double glazing has been a popular choice for builders and homeowners for years, thanks to this style of window proving to be far more energy efficient than single glazing. Windows are important because they let in light and, when open, fresh air. However, they are also responsible for the majority of heat loss in buildings. Double glazing was developed to minimise this, saving the building owner both money and reducing their environmental impact.

Single glazing windows consist of one glass pane. Double glazing windows contain two. These panes are separated by a spacer bar which creates a small air gap. This space acts as an insulation break between the inside and outside air. Not only does this gap reduce heat loss but it also muffles noise, making the building quieter overall. With high quality glass and professional finishers, the view through double glazing is just as clear as it is through single panes of glass.

Double Glazing In Winter
The properties of double glazing come into their own in the winter. Although this glass can save you money in the summer by reducing the loss of cool air generated by your air conditioning, it is even more valuable in the colder months. When the air outside a building is cold, we must invest in heating to keep those inside warm. However, when the warm air hits a single pane of glass, it is easily drawn outside into the colder air. Double glazing significantly reduces heat loss in winter months and can save residents vast sums on their heating bills. The gap between both panes acts as an insulator and drastically reduces heat loss.

Double Glazing in Summer
Just like in the winter, the contrast between warm and cold in the summer can lead to excessive cooling costs in summer. Air conditioning units are expensive to run but this chilled air is quickly lost through single glazing. Investing in double glazing will keep a building cooler for longer in the summer months.

Cost Effective
An investment in double glazing will save you money over time on your heating bill as well as your air conditioning. This is the most cost effective way to reduce your household or office expenses all year round because windows are one of the main sources of heat loss. High end residential apartments may be a luxury purchase but residents don’t want to be spending excessive money on heating in their new home. Double glazing ensures they don’t have to. Similarly, offices and corporate buildings should always be looking for ways to save money as well as tactics to reduce their carbon footprint. Double glazing allows them to do both by minimising heat loss and, in turn, reducing the need for internal heating.

To find out more about double glazing, contact Alcon Windows today. We create bespoke windows for all clients, perfectly fitted to your building and in line with your style. All our double glazing windows use the highest quality glass to ensure heat loss is minimised without compromising the natural light.

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