What Are Bi-Fold Doors?

What Are Bi-Fold Doors?

Bi-fold doors are bespoke doors or room dividers which can fold, concertina style, and slide neatly to one side of the room. Often used as a way to connect the inside with the outside, glass bi-fold doors let in light when closed and offer a free flow of movement and air when open. Alternatively, opaque panels are an effective way to divide up a large space. Custom made for every location, Alcon Windows crafts beautiful bi-folding doors which help you to utilise your space.

Despite their name, bi-fold doors can consist of many more than two panes. Using hinges, these glass panels are connected in a way which allows them to be folded up. Rollers at the top and bottom guide the panes along until they are neatly stacked, concertina style, at one end of the room. In this position, they are discrete, unobtrusive and can easily be unfolded when required. Our bi-fold doors can also be fitted with a traffic door, so you don’t have to open the whole system to move to the other side.

Bi-fold doors allow you to connect your living space with the outside when they are used to provide access to a garden or patio. Glass bi-fold doors can be easily folded aside to allow you to pass, unobstructed, into your garden. In addition to this, however, the bi-fold doors are effectively a wall of glass, introducing light into your home when they are closed and allowing you to enjoy the view even on cold or rainy days. They can be fitted either directly out into a garden space or onto an elevated balcony.

While bi-fold doors may most commonly be used to separate the outside and the inside, they can also be practical room dividers. Rather than glass, alternative materials can be used to create folding room dividers. In much the same was a glass bi-fold doors work, these panels are hinged together so they can be stacked to the side when open. Alternatively, they can be closed, dividing a large space such as a conference hall to allow two groups to work independently. The ease at which these structures can be opened or closed allows venues to be flexible with their space and capacity in accordance to their clients’ needs.

Alcon Windows specialises in bi-fold doors for commercial and residential buildings. Contact us today to find out more about how we can custom design the perfect system for your unique space.

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