The Importance of Window Glazing

The Importance of Window Glazing

Are you considering updating your window glazing? Having strong, durable and high quality glazing offers many benefits to commercial properties as well as homes. New window glazing is more energy efficient, saving you money on heating bills. Good quality windows will also make it easier to regulate the overall temperature of your building. Flawless glass panes, custom built to perfectly fit any space, allow passers-by to look directly into your store and decide if they want to step over the threshold. Alcon Windows knows how important window glazing is for commercial buildings. Have you invested?

The Right First Impression
Storefronts are the first impression a customer has of your business. It is therefore essential that it displays your business as high quality, professional and reputable. Dirty, scratched or damaged windows make a bad first impression. Storefronts are exposed to dust and dirt from the roads every day, as well as hosting special offer posters and other items which may leave marks on the glass. It is important, therefore, to periodically upgrade your window glazing. New glass which is made specifically for your building and using the highest quality materials will tell your client that you have invested in your business and, therefore, it is worth their time to step inside.

Safety & Security
Your storefront window should be strong and safe. High end glass can withstand medium impacts and will ensure your business is secure and those inside kept safe. Newly installed windows can also be connected to alarm systems so in the event of a breach, the local police can be alerted. In the event of the glass being struck and damaged, our glass will stay, splintered but intact, in place rather than shattering across your store and the road. This allows you time to call for a new window without exposing your store to theft.

More Than A House
Commercial premises often have a lot more glass areas than a house. Therefore, it is crucial that all window glazing for your shop-front is made by commercial window specialists. The larger scale, different specifications and the complexity of the overall projects means that it is important you seek out a specialist. While house windows can be fitted with relative ease, replacing storefront glass can take longer and require equipment and other industry tools.

For more information and to enquire into how you can upgrade your window glazing, contact Alcon Windows today.

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